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That Hippo SVN Forge has been discontinued on 16 March 2017 and followed up on GitHub at
Artifacts previously in SVN can now be retrieved from the Hippo Maven Forge Repository at


Welcome to the Hippo Forge on GitHub, the community place for plugins, add-ons and extensions built on top of Hippo CMS or BloomReach DXP.

Community plugins are maintained by the Hippo community and by implementation projects.
For instance, it is common for a plugin upgrade to be triggered by a project upgrade.

The projects

See the project list page for an overview of all projects at hosted at

Initially, in March 2017, 33 selected projects were migrated to GitHub from the discontinued Hippo SVN Forge at


See the development page for some standards regarding developing a plugin project. There is also a quality checklist.

Archived SVN projects

The discontinued Hippo SVN Forge has been archived in the Hippo SVN attic.

Hippo, a BloomReach company

For general information about Hippo and BloomReach, see, and