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On the Hippo Forge, plugins are developed and maintained by the Hippo Community. However, since Hippo will not give push rights to external developers, we like code contributions!

Also, plugins can be maintained during the course of an implementation project. For instance, it is pretty common for a plugin to be upgraded during a project upgrade. This also goes for new features or bug fixing.

Code Contributions

On GitHub, code contributions exist in the form of pull requests. External organisations can always drive those pull requests, or feature requests, or release requests by contacting the Hippo services department.

See also the GitHub documentation on contributing, basically forking and developing in a separate branch.


Forking into other (non-Hippo) GitHub locations is of course a possibility for further development on behalf of your project as well. In fact, a fork is the starting point of a pull request!

See also the GitHub documentation on forking.

Branching Strategy

We like to adhere to the the well-established Git Flow by Vincent Driessen.

In short, the ‘master’ branch is always the same as the latest release, whilst the ‘develop’ branch is used as base for features and bugfixes. We intend to write some more detailed documentation on how to handle branching and releasing.

Artifact Repository

Artifacts can be retrieved from the Hippo Maven Forge Repository at

For publishing, the Maven distributionManagement.repository.url value is to be set at

Maybe later we will apply for a spot in Maven Central.

Issue Tracking

Hippo’s JIRA at

Continuous Integration

Travis at